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Teach Pit was founded with the vision to innovate the e-learning space through delightful learning journeys and to streamline businesses’ efforts to strengthen their workforce. 

Our founder counts over 7 years of experience in Adult Education within the corporate sector, which has allowed her to observe the ascending trends of online course creation. The shift from instructor-led classes towards self-directed methods come from an increasing need for flexibility and familiarity with technology. 

The bright side is that workers are now, more than ever, looking for better ways to learn, retain and apply information. Comprehensive online learning programs can help your company improve and retain efficiency in a world of rapid change by investing in its most precious resource: its employees.

Our goal at Teach Pit is to provide convenient, learner-centric niche courses elevated by strategic learning techniques and designed by professionals in their fields. Our collective pledge to you is that we go above and beyond to bring back the joy of skill improvement and take the hassle out of it. 

Given the rapid pace of change in the modern workplace, as well as an ever-evolving workforce, it is crucial that employees are armed with the competencies they need to perform their duties. Teach Pit is the tool you need to build a team of knowledgeable and highly motivated individuals with an appetite for job excellence.

Our Process:


Select which package best suits your


One of our project managers will call you to address any questions and understand scope of project. Our initial step is to complete a thorough needs analysis of our client’s requirements with an extensive questionnaire and discussion.


We will then begin production of your designs with a chance for review and revision at every stage of the process.


The Deployment Phase comes next, where we complete any edits required by the client.


You will have your conversion optimized, beautiful designs crafted to perfection and customized for your needs ready to deploy in just 4 weeks!

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